Kristina Raush Co-founder and CEO

The idea of starting a gluten free subscription box service came a couple months after one of our team members decided to go on a completely gluten-free diet in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since then, the whole team has joined in and we all realized we shared a similar problem after some time. It was very difficult finding great test quality gluten free products that not only tasted great, but were also healthy. We realized then that we were not the only ones struggling with this issue. That is when “Hey Gluten Free” was born. Hey Gluten Free was created to make your life easier and prevent you from wasting money on products you don’t like. We are not just another subscription service, we really do want to make sure that the food you consume leaves you feeling great. We know how difficult it is to find great gluten free products at a great price! At “Hey Gluten Free” we hand pick all of the products in our subscription box to ensure you get only the best and the healthiest.


Here at “hey gluten free” we have a simple idea; to substitute food you can no longer have due to your diet with something even better. Our mission is for the gluten free community to find products they will love and want more of without wasting time or money. Here at “hey gluten free” We work hard at finding the best brands, so you don’t have to. In the process, we also support small business by including their products in our boxes and getting their names out there. It is true that some of the smaller and unknown companies have some of the greatest products.